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Amaash collection

Swapna is a house of fabrics which manufactures designer high fashion garments. Bespoke garments is something which we are known for and our pret line is a fast moving range. 
Swapna has a range of affordable clothing known as Amaash. 
Amaash is a ready to wear chic collection to reach out to a wider segment of buyers. It's comprised of dressy, smart and casual garments for the women of today's world. 
The products attached are Ammash as we do not sell Swapna online as it's a more Aspirational and high end brand which is a bit expensive for online presence. 
Sujata Kapoor
Indigo Collection

Simple elegant cuts from traditional Indian fabrics. Indigo fabrics are prepared for printing through a natural bleaching process and printed using traditional methods. High quality 100% cotton fabric.